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Chef MasterClass returns for 2015 with an enticing line up of chefs from around the corner and across the globe. Watch these masters of the kitchen prepare dishes and share insights acquired over decades of devotion to their art. Come take a seat at the table, and get a taste of inspiration.

Sessions to Chef MasterClass are now almost SOLD OUT! Don't miss your chance to book a Half-Day MasterClass and be inspired by local and global greats. Learn more about our session presenters below.


General Admission Half Day - Saturday Morning 7 March - 10am - 12.30pm - Justin Gellatly and Janice Wong Buy Now $160
General Admission - Weekend Ticket - Justin Gellatly, Janice Wong, Ruth Rogers, Jeremy Charles, Eric Kayser, Bill Granger, Jamie Bissonnette, Matt Abergel Buy Now $595
General Admission Half Day - Sunday Afternoon 8 March - 2pm - 4.30pm - Jamie Bissonnette and Matt Abergel Buy Now $160
General Admission Half Day - Saturday Afternoon - 7 March - 2pm - 4.30pm - Ruth Rogers and Jeremy Charles Buy Now $160
General Admission Half Day - Sunday Morning 8 March - 10am - 12.30pm - Eric Kayser and Bill Granger Buy Now $160

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Langham Hotel Melbourne

One Southgate Avenue, Southbank

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Saturday Half-Day MasterClass - Morning

Justin Gellatly

Dough Your Own Way with Justin Gellatly (Bread Ahead, London, UK)

Justin Gellatly is one of the world’s true baking superstars. The culinary genius behind London’s Bread Ahead, Gellatly is heading the British baking revolution, showcasing a traditional, simple and distinctly home-grown vision filled with cakes, doughnuts, puddings and bread.

Janice Wong

Hitting The Sweet Spot with Janice Wong (2am:dessertbar, Singapore)

Sweet tooth? Get a different take on desserts from Janice Wong, whose unique fusion of French technique and Singaporean flavour has made her 2am:dessertbar restaurant a hit. Recently named S. Pellegrino’s Asia’s Best Pastry Chef for the second year running, Wong pushes the boundaries between sweet and savoury, resulting in desserts that are bold, unexpected and unmistakably hers.

Saturday Half-Day MasterClass - Afternoon

Ruth Rogers

Simple Pleasures with Ruth Rogers (River Café, London, UK)

Ruth Rogers has a straightforward outlook on food — with the finest ingredients, even the simplest of dishes shine. It’s a philosophy that has brought acclaim to her River Café eatery — a London icon that’s been a training ground for a who’s who of British chefs, including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, April Bloomfield and Jamie Oliver.

Visit thanks to Rosetta

Jeremy Charles

Taste Of The Wild with Jeremy Charles (Raymonds, St John's, Canada)

Deep in the wilds of Newfoundland, Jeremy Charles stakes his claim as the King of Canadian cuisine. With a terroir-driven menu based on ideas of foraging, hunting and subsistence farming, his Raymonds Restaurant has become the new go-to destination for those seeking the authentic flavour of the Canadian landscape.

Visit thanks to Woodland House

Sunday Half-Day MasterClass - Morning

Eric Kayser

Pain de Paris with Éric Kayser (Maison Kayser, Paris, France)

French icon Éric Kayser is one of the world’s true master breadmakers. A fourth-generation baker with more than 80 patisseries around the globe, Kayser has forged his reputation through a dedication to quality ingredients, pure artisanal technique and a philosophy that sees baking as equal parts science, art and wonder.

Visit thanks to Phaidon

Bill Granger

The Simple Things with Bill Granger (Bill's, Sydney, Australia)

International restaurateur, best- selling author, legend — Melbourne-born Bill Granger is one of Australia’s true culinary heroes. He was a pivotal figure in the creation of Australia’s café culture, and has since taken it to the world, with restaurants in Japan and London. Making a virtue of simplicity, Granger is passionate about creating classic meals from everyday ingredients.

Sunday Half-Day MasterClass - Afternoon

Jamie Bissonnette

The New Charcuterie with Jamie Bissonnette (Coppa & Toro, Boston and Toro, New York, USA)

A former vegan and straight-edge punk, Bissonnette traded his bass guitar for the culinary arts, and has prospered in the exchange — his award-winning eateries serve up a dynamic, contemporary spin on small plate eating. Dedicated to nose-to-tail cuisine and exceptional charcuterie, Jamie’s recently released The New Charcuterie Cookbook demonstrates his passions.

Visit thanks to Bomba

Matt Abergel

Master Craftsman with Matt Abergel (Yardbird, RONIN and Sunday’s Grocery, Hong Kong)

Canadian-born Matt Abergel has dedicated a career to perfecting a single style of cooking — the delicious Japanese art of yakitori. Trained at hallowed New York restaurant Masa, Abergel has gone on to open no less than three eateries in Hong Kong — RONIN, Sunday’s Grocery and Yardbird, which was recently listed in S. Pellegrino’s Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014.

Visit thanks to Northern Light

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The Festival is proud to partner with Diabetes Australia - Vic, the leading charity and peak consumer body working to reduce the impact of diabetes, and promote healthy everyday lifestyle choices.

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