Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The website you are using is provided by Food and Wine Victoria Ltd (ACN 106 066 406), organiser of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (MFWF).  MFWF’s commitment to best practice in all areas of its activities extends to respecting and safeguarding the privacy of our clients and partners.

All personal information collected and otherwise dealt with by MFWF, organisers of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, is governed by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) as amended (Privacy Act). Whenever collecting and dealing with your personal information we will be bound by the APPs.


This Policy applies to the collection, holding and use of personal information provided about individuals to MFWF through the use of the MFWF website (website).


By continuing to use the website you acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to read the Policy and acknowledge and consent to MFWF collecting and holding personal information supplied by you through your use of the platform and retaining and/or using personal information provided by you subject to the terms of the Policy, and the website terms of use.


The purpose of this Policy is to:

  • clearly communicate the personal information handling practices of MFWF,
  • enhance the transparency of MFWF’s information collection processes, and
  • give individuals a better and more complete understanding of the sort of personal information that MFWF holds, and the way MFWF handles that information.

Personal Information

In this Policy, ‘personal information’ has the same meaning as defined by section 6 of the (Privacy Act:

information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database), whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion.

Personal information may include your name, address, telephone number, email address and/or other information that is necessary for the delivery of our services to you.


In the course of regular business activity, MFWF may be required to collect and otherwise deal with your personal information as described above.

If you do not want any of your data collected, you can stop using our website, or services at any time (subject to any applicable terms and conditions).                                                  

MFWF collects personal information from individuals in numerous ways, including when:

  • an individual uses the website;
  • an individual emails MFWF staff members for any reason, including inquiries and complaints;
  • an individual telephones MFWF;
  • an individual provides MFWF with personal information, including for example by providing a business card; or
  • an individual purchases tickets for the annual Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (‘Festival’) from MFWF and/or a third party.

MFWF does not generally take steps to:

  • verify personal information about any individual disclosed to it; or
  • seek additional personal information about any individual on the basis of information disclosed to it,

except in circumstances where it is reasonably necessary for MFWF to confirm the identity of an individual seeking access to personal information.

When collecting information from you – whether it be via our website, email or in hardcopy form – we will take reasonable steps to inform you of why we are collecting the information, the purposes for which we intend to use that information and to whom it may be disclosed.

To ensure we are meeting the needs and requirements of our website users, and to continue to develop our online services, we collect aggregated information through the use of cookies. We use cookies to collect data about your visit and to allow you to navigate from page to page without having to reload each time. You can refuse cookies by using the appropriate setting on your browser, however, if you do so you may not be able to access portions of our website. The information we store in cookies shall not be linked to any personally identifiable information you submit while on our website, however we may also use this data to tailor advertisements to you.  The use of cookies by our partners, affiliates, and service providers is not covered by our privacy policy. We do not have access or control over these cookies.  Our partners, affiliates, and service providers use session ID cookies to collect data about your visit and to tailor and deliver advertising messages to you.


Any personal information collected by MFWF will be used for the purposes for which it was given to MFWF, for purposes which are directly related to those purposes, or for purposes which you have otherwise consented to.

MFWF may also use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to send you promotional or other information about the Festival ('Festival') through email, postal mail or some other means;
  • to send you communications in connection with our products and/or services and other events;
  • to conduct research about our products and/or services;
  • to monitor and improve our products and/or services;
  • to allow MFWF to personalise our services;
  • to process any inquiries you have about the MFWF or the Festival; or
  • in organising events as part of the Festival.


We may disclose information we hold to our directors, officers, employees and other associated companies within our corporate group for business purposes or marketing or remarketing purposes through our website or other social media channels.

We may also disclose information to service providers or contractors who help us provide services (for example, for ticketing services, marketing or remarketing purposes through our websites or other social media channels). Where applicable information is shared with these third parties, they are obliged to observe the confidential nature of such information and are prohibited from using any or all of this information other than for the purpose for which it was provided. We will also disclose information to a law enforcement agency if we are requested to do so by that agency in relation to suspected unlawful activity.

MFWF does not otherwise provide personal information to any other organisations, government agencies, or other third parties except in accordance with the terms of use for the website in the following circumstances:

  • the individual has consented to their personal information being disclosed,
  • the individual would reasonably expect, or has been told, that their personal information will be passed to a recipient third party,
  • the disclosure of an individual’s personal information is otherwise required or authorised by law,
  • it is legally compelled to do so, under any law or by court order.

Direct Marketing

MFWF may collect and use personal information for the purposes of MFWF and/or third parties providing direct marketing services to users of the MFWF website. If a person does not wish for their information to be used for direct marketing purposes they may contact MFWF at any time and instruct MFWF to cease or refrain from using their information for direct marketing purposes. Contact details for MFWF are provided below under ‘Contact’.

Alternatively, when making purchases or registering with MFWF you may elect to ‘opt out’ of receiving direct marketing from MFWF or other third parties.


In situations where MFWF holds personal information about you, pursuant to APP 12 you are entitled to be given access to such information by making a written request to MFWF (subject to some exceptions).

If you would like access to your personal information please make a written request. Contact details may be found below under ‘Contact’.

MFWF will respond to a request for access to personal information within a reasonable period after the request is made.


Pursuant to APP 13, in the event MFWF holds personal information about you and;

  1. MFWF is satisfied that the information is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading; or
  2. you request the information be corrected;

MFWF will take reasonable steps to correct the information to ensure that it is accurate, up to date, relevant and not misleading.

If your personal details need to be corrected please make a written request for correction, see contact details below.


MFWF has processes in place to ensure the security of your personal information, including encryption of all data when it is transferred to our service providers and limitations on access to personal information within our organisation. MFWF will take all reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is protected from misuse, interference, loss and unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

External Websites

Please note the MFWF website contains links to other external websites. MFWF is not affiliated with these sites and accordingly has no control over – and is not responsible for – their content, privacy practice or other policies.


By using our website, you are consenting to the collection of information by us in accordance with this Policy. Please note that we reserve our right to amend, remove or vary this policy without notice. You should check this page regularly to take notice of any changes we may have made to this policy.

At all times, we will take reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is protected and treated confidentially, and in accordance with the Privacy Act. In applicable instances, disclosure of personal information will be undertaken in strict accordance with the Privacy Act. This includes circumstances where the user has been informed and granted permission or disclosure is required under any Australian law and regulations.


Your privacy is very important to us. For that reason, if you have any questions or concerns about how MFWF safeguards your privacy, or if you wish to access or amend personal information we hold about you, please make a request in writing.

All correspondence should be directed to:

The Privacy Officer
Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
c/o Prahran Market
163 Commercial Road          
South Yarra VIC 3141



If MFWF does not agree to provide access to personal information or to amend or annotate the information it holds about an individual, the individual can:

  • Escalate their enquiry to MFWF to a formal complaint in writing or by email, or
  • Pursue the matter further with the Office of the Australia Information Commissioner (OAIC).

If an individual has a complaint about any practice, procedure or action taken in regard to their personal information, they may apply to the OAIC to investigate the complaint. The OAIC may be contacted at:


By Phone: 1300 363 992 (Aus) or + 61 2 9284 9749 (International).

By Email:

By Fax: +61 2 9284 9666

By Post: GPO Box 5218 Sydney NSW 2001


A person may choose to deal with MFWF anonymously. However, in circumstances where a person requests details about personal information held by MFWF, they may be required to provide sufficient details to confirm their identity, to ensure that no unauthorised person is provided with access to personal information.

MFWF does not disclose personal information to any person whose identity cannot be verified.