The Edible Garden from Bank of Melbourne and Broadsheet

A yummy oasis

In partnership with Broadsheet and The Little Veggie Patch Co, Bank of Melbourne are creating a pop-up Edible Garden at River Graze.

The Edible Garden will be a place for people to escape and immerse themselves in the greenery of live growing vegetables. The Little Veggie Patch Co will be creating the space with a variety of semi and mature plants, along with information on growing produce at home.

Saturday 17th March 12pm – 6pm
Sunday 18th March 12pm – 6pm

Event Enquiries

For all event enquiries, please call: (03) 9823 6100

DateSat 17 – Sun 18 Mar
VenueBanks of the Yarra,
Banks of the Yarra
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(03) 9823 6100