Lunch at Abuela's

Enjoy a long lunch inspired by the traditional cooking of Spanish grandmothers

Mothers and grandmothers have traditionally been the heart of Spanish communities.

No better way to celebrate this year's theme of community than to indulge in a long Sunday lunch with the team at Anada, inspired by the warm balmy afternoons and home cooked meals in their grandmothers kitchens.

Take a moment to celebrate your origins with the ones closest to you and give back to the local community. A percentage of the cost of each ticket sale will be donated to local charity.


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DateSun 18 – Sun 25 Mar
Price$70 – $150
VenueAnada, Fitzroy
  • Gift card not redeemable
  • Vegetarian friendly event
  • Gluten free friendly event
  • Kid friendly event
  • Nut allergy friendly event
  • Dairy free friendly event
(03) 9415 6101