Victoria Harbour Crawl

Crawl 'n' Bite supported by Victoria Harbour

Venues: Saluministi, secret new venue, Kep Whitley

Ever made your own wine? Could you pick your Grana Padano from your Parmigiano Reggiano or the origins and compositions of different chocolates in a blind tasting?

Put your skills and senses to the test as you get your hands dirty in a series of workshops and tastings in the Victoria Harbour precinct.

From the deli cabinets at Saluministi to the expertly-crafted sweet treats and chocolates at Kep Whitley and a sneak preview of a secret pop-up wine venue, this is an event that will engage all the senses.


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DateTue 19 Mar
Time5:00 PM – 7:30 PM
VenueNoisy Ritual Pop-Up Fermentation Bar, Docklands
(03) 9823 6100

About Noisy Ritual Pop-Up Fermentation Bar, Docklands