Vino Rapido

Like speed dating but with wine, this event will have you getting to know our favourite wine folk, fast.

You’ll have three minutes to talk, taste and learn as much as you can from one wine expert before moving onto the next. Short, fast and loud, Vino Rapido will be the most dynamic group date you’ll ever go on.

FLIRTY WHITES featuring:
Caitlyn Rees (Fred's)
Neil Prentice (Moondarra)
Renata Rapson (Lyons Will Estate)
Nicky Riemer (Bellota Wine Bar) FOOD STOP
Nick Brown (All Saints Estate)
Mark Williamson (Harley & Rose)
Giorgio de Maria (GDM Fun Wines)
Michael Smith (Mamasita) FOOD STOP
Jonathan Ross (MS)
Sarah Gough (Box Grove Vineyard)
Simon Kileen (Simao)
Oliver Gould (Palermo) FOOD STOP
Simon Fennel (Montara Vineyards)
Callie Jemmeson (Untapped Wines)
AndrewJoy (Pyren Vineyards)

JUICY REDS featuring:
Fred Pizzini (Pizzini Wines)
Shashi Singh (Avani)
Lisa Jenkins (Fleet Wines)
Dom Valentine (Valentine Wines)
Adam Marks (Bress)
Marcus Satchell (Dirty Three Wines)
Anthony Femia (Maker & Monger) FOOD STOP
John Harris (Mitchell Harris Wines)
Adam Foster (Syrahmi)
Brendan Hawker (Lady & The Hawk)
Nina Stocker (In Dreams)
Jo Marsh (Billy Button Wines)
Christian Robertson (Belles Hot Chicken)

Please contact if you require wheelchair access to this event.


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Event Enquiries

For all event enquiries, please call: 9823 6100

DateThu 22 Mar
Time6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
VenueWhite Lane, Melbourne
  • Gift card redeemable
  • Disability friendly event
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Dietary requirements not available
9823 6100