Dan Hong

El Loco, Ms G’s and Mr Wong, Sydney, Australia

Darling of the Sydney food scene, Hong’s résumé boasts names like Longrain, Marque and Tetsuya. Impressive for a 31 year old.

Dan Hong’s ability to draw crowds is well-confirmed. The dining rooms of Sydney’s Ms G’s and Mr Wong’s are consistently packed with customers who love the flexibility and skill that comes from Hong’s deft-hand. His dishes combine the delicate and bold, like soft boiled egg with XO and pickled ginger, and his enthusiasm is highly infectious. Come and watch how this chef makes it happen. 

The MFWF team were lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with Dan ahead of the Festival

Q. Who did you learn to cook from?

I had several mentors- Mark Best, Brent Savage, Martin Boetz, Thomas Johns and my mother Angie Hong

Q. Name the one ingredient you can't live without and how you use it?

Probably coriander…It’s my favourite herb and is probably on at least 75% of my dishes.

Q. What's your favourite dish on your menu right now?

Soft Boiled eggs with XO, pickled ginger and horseradish

Q. What do you do when you're not in the kitchen cooking?

Spending time with my wife and baby daughter, collecting sneakers and eating out

Q. What are you predicting to be the next trend in food and what has been your least favourite food trend?

Possibly the use of mid ripening fruits - in between green and ripe (eg pink tomatoes and strawberries). My least favourite food trend is “modern” style food in general. Bring back the old school!

Q. What other chef or restaurant do you most admire?

I admire anything that Joel Robuchon does…it’s amazing how he can execute such high level food all around the world.

Q. How does the 2014 Festival theme of Water relate to you?

There is a lot of steaming in Eastern cookery

Q. What are you looking forward to experiencing in Melbourne?

Meeting other chefs and learning from them and their experiences and mostly having fun

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