Gavin Lennard

With a degree in electrical engineering and a successful career in the corporate world (CEO Raychem Australia and Coffey International Ltd), Gavin eventually allowed his fierce passion for wine to overtake his professional life. He has since established a winery (Kulkunbulla), launched and re-launched wine brands (Coates, Gartelmann), worked as a restaurant sommelier and cocktail mixologist, established a wine education business (The Morpeth Wine Academy) and still found time to pass the Master of Wine tasting exams. Incredibly, before all this, way back in the mid nineties, Gavin was already Rothbury Estate's Taster of the Year twice-running. Two decades later then, his skill in tasting and assessing wine has only strengthened and he leverages his legendary depth and diversity of knowledge at Langton’s, where he has been Head of Fine Wine for nearly 5 years now.