Jake Smyth

NameJake Smyth

Biggest culinary influence?
A crazy hybrid of Marco Pierre White, Peter Russell-Clarke and Ronald McDonald. Also Luke Powell (from Sydney's LP's Quality Meats), who is probably the best cook in the country.

Food philosophy?
“Fingers are for burning” - Marco Pierre White
“Cooking is thinking” - Luke “The Porkhammer” Powell
“If it aint burning, it aint working” - Me

The perfect burger is…?
Eaten with one hand while the other holds a beer. Should not be over-thought...

What did you grow up eating?
“Ghetto” Cacio Pepe - aka homebrand two-minute noodles with Flora, Coon cheese and pepper.

What can audiences expect from you at the Festival in March?
Face-melting music, lip-burning cheese, heart-burning patties and eye-watering fashion.

If you had to take a wild guess, what do you think we’ll be eating in 25 years?
If we don’t get our shit together - krill. If we manage to pay some attention to the need to diversify our diet and eat less and better meat, then perhaps we won’t need to be eating our boots.