Jason Franco

Jason Francoborn and living in South Africa, is currently the Senior Sous Chef at Camissa Brasserie, one of the restaurants located in the wonderfully luxurious Table Bay Hotel. One of the leading hotels around the globe situated in Cape Town, known for being a food lover’s destination.

After working at in some of Cape Town’s most sought after venues including The Brasserie in Vaudeville in 2011, his expertise moved him across the ocean and into the role of head chef at Romanza restaurant in Malaysia. Following a year aboard, Jason found himself back at home, where he then started his career at the critically acclaimed Table Bay Hotel.

Being passionate about sustainability, you can find Jason utilising Cape Town’s exquisite ecosystem and its diverse array of native plants to enhance the flavours of foods. He submerges himself in nature to forage for flora to heighten the flavours of his dishes. Camissa only serves sustainable seafood and the restaurant is known for dishing up green listed fish.

Working with executive chef Jocelyn Myers-Adams for the past three years, together they have been inspiring with his creative talents and will continue to do so at one of the hottest spots in Cape Town.