Josh Niland

Growing up in a land-locked town in NSW, Josh’s eventual career choice was not an obvious one. Suffering from a serious childhood illness, 8-year-old Josh regularly missed school and other childhood activities for treatments and buried himself in cooking shows and recipe books for entertainment. Thus began a lifelong passion for food.

Moving to Sydney at the age of just 17, he became immersed in the hectic kitchen of Joe Pavlovich and Luke Mangan's uber-successful, Glass Brasserie. He then worked his way up from a 3rd year apprentice to Junior Sous Chef under the tutelage of Peter Doyle at Est.

It was at Est that he first discovered a huge affinity for working with fish which he continued to pursue before eventually opening his own restaurant Saint Peter in 2016, a small fish eatery in Paddington, Sydney. This is where Niland’s deeply intuitive dishes have finally found a home.

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