Paul Carmichael

NamePaul Carmichael
RestaurantMomofuku Seiōbo
CuisineAsian Fusion

Must-buy ingredient?
Salt. That's the one thing I can't live without.

The next big thing…?
Hopefully Caribbean food... otherwise it's schnitzels and pancakes

Biggest culinary influence?
In terms of actual cooking, it is definitely my family. All of them are musicians and cooks. They are all great cooks - especially my grandma. I also have an uncle that has a secret recipe to his specialty dish. To this day I still can't figure it out. Professionally, it would have to be Nils Noren from Aquavit and Wylie Dufresne from WD~50 - both taught me a lot about working in a professional kitchen.

Your last supper would be...?
Anything my mum would make me for breakfast. This could be a number of things, but cassava bakes with salt cod and eggs would have to be one of my favourites.

Cookbook with the most food splatters on it…?
When it comes to my cookbooks, I’m very neat so they're all in mint condition. But I don't really cook that way - I love cookbooks, and you can always learn a lot from someone else's point of view, but I've never cooked from a book.

Best cooking tip?
Always taste. And when you're done, re-evaluate.

Recent or favourite food discovery?
Poor man's orange - it's delicious with gin. Our sommelier makes a mean gin and tonic with it, and it's my favourite way to have it.

Best kept culinary secret of your home city…?
Black pudding with souse and BBQ pig tails

What are the core skills, insights and experiences that you plan to share during your event?
The food of my heritage will be the focus. Exploring the Caribbean through history, food traditions and shared cultures.