Simon Kony

NameSimon Kony
RestaurantShort Order Burger Co.

Biggest culinary influence?
Some of the original burger joints in Melbourne are some my favourites. Huxtaburger, Rockwell and Sons, Grand Trailer Park. Their consistency, freshness and quality is what keeps these guys ahead of the game.

Food philosophy?
Simplicity, consistency and passion is key. It doesn’t matter what you make, as long as you have these three fundamentals, your product will be amazing.

The perfect burger is...?
I get asked this a lot, and honestly - a bacon cheeseburger. It needs to have the perfect balance of freshness, quality and simplicity

What did you grow up eating?
Coming from a Jewish-Hungarian family, lots of amazing meats, pickles, goulash, nokedli (Hungarian dumpling) and palacsinta (Hungarian crepe)

What’s the food scene in Fremantle like?
The food scene in Freo is buzzing at the moment. For such a small town its offerings are very multicultural and in abundance. The place I’m housed in has some other great food businesses and gives people the opportunity to try something new.

If you had to take a wild guess, what do you think we’ll be eating in 25 years?
Honestly, with the price of meat growing exponentially, I believe meat will become a luxury item, so unless I can afford a $50 burger, it’s going to have to be vegies, grains and beans.