5 minutes with Jamie Bissonnette

Photo: Rabbit terrine by Jamie Bissonnette (Credit: Noah Fecks)

Question: What do veganism and nose to tail have in common?
Answer: Jamie Bissonnette

With only a few weeks to go until Jamie touches down in Melbourne for Langham Melbourne MasterClass, we sat down with him in between service to find out how a former vegan and straight-edge punk goes about trading in their bass guitar for one of the oldest forms of culinary arts: charcuterie.  

Q. How would you describe your style of cooking?
I would like to think of it as straight forward and flavorful. I think that some rules are made to be broken, and some lines to be blurred, but if it’s delicious the correct decision was made.  

Q. What are the core skills, insights and experiences that you plan to share at Langham Melbourne MasterClass?
I would like to talk about training, and learning from all experiences. For me it’s about coming from little, and making my way and learning from anyone that would teach me. The core skills being adaptation to surroundings, and the ability to see through the smoke and fog in kitchens. 

Q. Who did you learn to cook from?
I learned to cook by watching TV, Jacques Pepin and the series Great Chef’s on the Discovery Channel. I went to school young, and then tried to learn more about food from everyone and anyone I could. I still ask taxi cab drivers, bank tellers, and doctors what that ate a kids, what their family cooked, and about food of where they are from. 

Q. What do you look forward to experiencing in Melbourne?
I am excited to see the city, taste the local food from local chefs, drink the wine, and explore the culture! I know it’s known for performing arts, and would also love to see some galleries and street art. For food and drink, I am excited for the South East Asian influenced foods, and all the local produce and meats.

Jamie will be appearing alongside other world leading chefs at Langham Melbourne MasterClass.

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