A New Mag for Peter Rowland…and a BBQ Pavlova?

We know them as the catering geniuses that make the Bank of Melbourne World’s Longest Lunch possible. Now you can have a peak inside the world of Peter Rowland. This week the company has launched a brand new biannual online publication, Main Course


The magazine covers the world-famous major events the Peter Rowland team are involved in, what's hot in catering and events trends as well as sneak peeks into exciting future projects.

It will also include recipes and inspiration for your own kitchen and celebrations from recently appointed Group Executive Chef Matthew Haigh and his team.

And now, the BBQ Pavlova. Yes – it’s cooked in the BBQ. Crisp on the outside, fluffy inside, and topped with pineapple caramelised in rum and brown sugar. If the humble Pav could get any more Australian-summer perfect, this is how. 

Bon appetit. 


BBQ Pavlova

with white chocolate cream &

caramelised pineapple 




(serves 4)


6 egg whites

1½ cups sugar

1sp cream of tartar

150g white chocolate grated

3 cups pure cream

1 pineapple

½ cup rum

150g brown sugar


NB: This recipe only works with a lidded BBQ and needs to heat to 150 degrees celsius.



1: Whisk egg whites, sugar and cream of
    tartar with electric beaters until stiff peaks
    form (about 9 minutes)

2: Line an aluminum foil tray with a square
    of baking paper and heap mix into tray

3: Place a regular baking tray upside down on
    your BBQ then place the aluminum tray
    with the meringue mixture on top and
    close the BBQ lid and leave to cook for 40

4: Peel pineapple, cut into quarters
    lengthwise, remove centre core, then slice
    in 2cm pieces

5: Coat pineapple pieces well with brown
    sugar and rum

6: When the meringue base has been in the
    BBQ for 40 minutes, add the pineapple
    onto the grill part of your BBQ. Cook for
    a further 5 minutes then turn off. Leave
    the lid down and rest meringue inside
    BBQ for 40 minutes. This will also allow
    the pineapple to caramelise

7: Whip cream and add chocolate

8: Take the pavlova base out of the tray, top
    with cream and garnish with the
    caramelised pineapple