Australian Landscapes Meet Festive Chocolates From Koko Black

If you’re anything like us, you’re a sucker for good packaging. Koko Black have really outdone themselves for the holidays.

Classic pralines, blocks of chocolatey perfection and toasted nuts coated in chocolate of every kind come bundled up in some of the most beautiful packaging we’ve seen.

Koko Black taken inspiration from iconic Australian landscapes like the rocky Kimberleys in WA, wild Portsea beaches in Victoria and Bondi in NSW, the briny Lake Eyre in South Australia, and the ancient ochre Devils Marbles in the Northern Territory. The result is a series of vibrant, abstract prints that echoes Australia’s coast lines, reefs, rainforests and outback.

Maybe we should just let some pictures do the talking. 


18 piecees of heavenly praline in a keepsake box inspired by Bondi Beach or the rocky Kimberleys in Wa. Available in milk, dark and assorted to keep the whole gang happy. 



A scrumptious block of salted caramel milk chocolate inspired by the Tarkine rainforest in Tasmania. 


Or when in doubt - hamper. This gorgeous box comes filled with goodies and packed to perfection with inspiration from the wild ocean beaches of Portsea. 


You can find everything from the extensive Festive Range in Koko Black stores or via the online store. Order before Monday the 18th for delivery by Christmas.