Bank of Melbourne has hospitality pedigree

We've just celebrated our third Festival in partnership with the innovative and food-and-wine-loving team at Bank of Melbourne.

Over the past months, we've been following the opening of Andrew Kelly's new cafe, Filter, a journey made possible by The Keys initiative supported by the Bank of Melbourne and Broadsheet. This is just one example of how the dedicated team at Bank of Melbourne are here to help local businesses reach their goals.

We recently learned that Sean O’Donnell, Bank of Melbourne’s Corporate & Commercial Banking boss, comes with a deep knowledge of the hospitality sector that’s developed over four decades - so we had a chat to him to find out more.

Sean’s father abandoned the white-collar world of banking and took up pub management at the Western Line Hotel in Oakey, 160km west of Brisbane. “As children of the proprietor, my siblings and I were allowed to work in the hotel, so by the time I was 12 I knew everything there was to know about running a pub,” he said. The passion for the industry flowed through to his university days, when Sean managed Brisbane’s famous Regatta Hotel in Toowong.

After finishing his studies, Sean started his successful banking career in a banking graduate program. In 2013, Sean joined Bank of Melbourne and is now responsible for the Bank’s relationship with the hospitality industry. His passion for Melbourne runs so deep that he’s even adopted the Hawks in addition to his beloved rugby union team the Queensland Reds.

“I believe good partnerships are between people not organisations, so I’m getting to know as many people in the industry as I can. I want to create deep relationships where we support businesses in all aspects of their operations, from the boardroom to the bar.”

While visiting one client’s pub, he noticed the line connecting the kegs was on backwards and surprised the manager by quickly making the switch himself.

“It might not be essential to have that depth of knowledge, but it helps!”

For information about how Bank of Melbourne can help your business contact:

Dean Cleary

Relationship Director – Hospitality
Corporate & Commercial Banking
Bank of Melbourne
03 9296 4353
0413 875 241

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