Behind the Scenes at MasterClass with Langham’s Executive Chef Anthony Ross

Photo: Anthony Ross

Every year the Langham Melbourne MasterClass weekend is a definite highlight of the Festival with local and global chefs converging on Melbourne for masterclasses, benchmark wine tastings, culinary discussions, and lots more.

While foodies learn culinary tricks and tips from the world’s great chefs, Anthony Ross, Executive Chef at The Langham, Melbourne works with his team to ensure 3,000 portions of tasting dishes – such as Michel Roux’s smoked haddock soufflé - showcase the talents of all guest chefs.

Anthony’s preparation for the MasterClass weekend begins in September, when he has his first peek at the list of participating chefs.

In the months leading up to March, Anthony discovers the dishes he’ll prepare for each chef, sources ingredients and then during the Festival he works with each guest chef to recreate their food in the Langham kitchens.

Over the years chefs have required some extraordinary ingredients for their dishes, with a stand-out for Anthony being a 100 year-old balsamic vinegar from Massimo Bottura’s family reserve.

“Tasting that beautiful balsamic is like going back in time to experience the climate and history of his origin,” he says.

In 2013, chefs from across the globe and around the corner will attend the Langham Melbourne MasterClass. Anthony is particularly keen to see the work of Magnus Nilsson whose acclaimed restaurant Faviken in remote Sweden has exploded onto the international scene.

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