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Photo: Five Senses

Guest post from Ben Bicknell, Five Senses

It’s a challenging thing to educate people about something they’ve never experienced or seen before. You’re trying to paint a picture and instill it with value, meaning and a connection with the listener but invariably, things get skewed in the noise. Having travelled extensively to coffee growing regions around the world, one of our biggest passions at Five Senses is to be able to communicate the complexity, wonder and humanity of the world behind our daily flat whites…and that’s why we’re so excited to be part of the really unique project with the Festival: The Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar.

For the first time, passionate coffee drinkers from Melbourne and further afield will be able to grab a coffee and stroll through this wonderland of hundreds of trees, up a ‘hillside’ and explore some of the key stages that influenced what they’re sipping on. After working with the Festival team over the past three years serving some delicious coffees at a number of their gastronomy events like MasterClass, we came on board for this new project as their expert coffee consultant to help find a way to re-envision the experience of an origin trip in downtown Melbourne.

Partnering with ANACAFE, the exporters association of Guatemala, we’ve sourced some pretty cool coffees. Even for those of us travelling to source quite often, it’s difficult to coordinate getting side by side examples of different coffees while controlling all other variables….but that’s exactly what we’ve managed to do for this event! We’ve got coffees coming in from a range of different regions in Guatemala – Atitlan, Coban, Acatenango and the famous Antigua – with a swag of information on the people and stories behind each of them. Some I’ve tasted before, while others will be a completely new experience for me – just drives home the huge diversity of options out there for coffee! Like a kid in a candy store…

We're especially excited to be setting up three different tasting flights representing three key steps in the production of coffee at origin. You’ll be able to select from Variety, Region or Processing and taste explorations on each of these stages. We’ve hooked up some great gear for the Brew Bar with baristas wielding the Marco Uber Boiler and Uber Grinder to brew up some tasty Clever Coffee Drippers.

And don’t worry, the take-away drinker is not forgotten! On the Synesso espresso machine, baristas from a range of the hottest cafes around town will be crafting milk and black coffee espresso options featuring single estate/single farm Guatemalan deliciousness. Definitely drop by and let them help you explore the profiles of Guatemala.

We look forward to welcoming coffee lovers at the farm for their daily coffee, to enjoy a range of Guatemalan features or delve a little deeper and take a walk through landscapes from the other side of the globe!

The Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar, 1 - 17 March, Queensbridge Square

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