Exclusive MasterClass Day Packages - Around the World in a day!

Photo: Sean Brock preparing food. Image by Jeff Scott

Festival stars Sean Brock and Karen Martini have taken the hard work out of picking which Langham Melbourne MasterClass sessions to attend this year by hand-crafting two very special day packages!

Sean Brock's 'Around the World in a Day' Saturday package features four of his favourite chefs during their visit to Langham Melbourne MasterClass, including:

  •  Dan Lepard, Master Baker
  •  Virgilio Martinez, From Amazon to the Andes
  •  Sean Brock, Son of the South
  •  Matthew Evans, Tales from the Gourmet Farmer

When asked to describe the most exciting element of Chef MasterClass, Sean explained that “Being able to travel and learn from these incredible chefs is priceless. It’s an amazing international round table discussion. We are all able to walk away with a new perspective on culture and food. And to me that's the ultimate inspiration.”

Click here for Sean Brock's 'Around the World in a Day' Saturday package

Melbournian Karen Martini has also created an 'Around the World in a Day' package comprising of her highlight sessions, including:

  •  Bertrand Grébaut, Terroir Parisien
  •  Karen Martini, Shared Table
  •  Annabel Langbein, The Free Range Life
  •  Enrique Olvera, New Wave Mexican

When choosing her pick for MasterClass sessions, Karen explained: “I’m proud to feature alongside these passionate and talented chefs and I’m looking forward to sampling their diverse expertise!”

Click here to purchase Karen Martini's Sunday package.

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