Five ways to style a summer party like no other


With the festive season in full swing here are five expert tips on how toadd extra sparkle to your summer celebrations.

We asked Kate Stewart, director at Bright Young Things for her insider tips on how to style your next party at home like a pro:

1. Decide on a concept or colour scheme and let this frame your event. Pinterest is great for gorgeous styling ideas. Personally, I think navy and gold with lots of lush foliage is a glamorous combo. Tip: Keep the lighting soft and fill the space with candles.

2. Keep drinks simple. Chilled champagne, wine down the table - think generous and free flowing. Make sure you greet guests on entry with a glass! If you want to do a cocktail, think tall, quick to make, and with lots of ice.

3. Present things in fancy glasses - from savory panna cotta in stemless crystal to prawn cocktails served in champagne saucers.

4. Don’t be afraid to let your personality and sense of fun shine through. Frombaby waffle cones filled with chèvre (goat’s cheese) to epic ice-cream sundaes served with sparklers, you’ll win your guests over with your creativity.

5. Last but not least - don’t try to do everything yourself! Stick to what you’re good at. If you’re famous for your pavlova then focus on that and get a friend to help with the rest, or get a musically-inclined friend to sort out the playlist.

We were lucky to work with Bright Young Things to bring our latest video to life. You can see some behind the scenes action featuring Festival friends George Calombaris, Karen Martini, Matt Skinner and Shane Delia. 

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