Food from far-off places

Photo: Meir Adoni's Milk Fed Veal Sweetbreads from Langham Melbourne MasterClass 2012

We’re all guilty of being a little too friendly with the familiar and taking for granted one of the greatest benefits of living in a city as culturally diverse as Melbourne; that being the city’s wide array of exotic cuisines.

Luckily for us, Good Food has assembled a list of ten cuisines you’ve never tried and where to find them. After poring over the article, we’re dreaming of piping hot Polish pierogi with lashings of sour cream, Eritrean injera to mop up rich berbere sauce, and the Sumatran pempek of our culinarily oft-forgotten neighbour Indonesia.

We no longer have an excuse to stay within our familiar food territories.

Read the full article and discover where to get your next exotic food fix.

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