Food Pairing: Fortified Wines

Since the first grapes were harvested in the 1850s, Rutherglen has been internationally recognised for producing fortified wines (muscats, topaques and vintage fortified) of unique quality and unsurpassed richness.

These wines are the result of a combination of factors, including climate, grape variety, soil, blending skills and stocks reserved by past generations.

As some of the world’s most remarkable dessert wines, they match beautifully with chocolate, dried fruits or strong cheeses with an intensity to stand up to sorbets, ice cream and coffee. The richer muscats also pair well with pâtés, particularly foie gras and terrine.

We’ve asked five iconic Rutherglen wineries for their favourite fortified and food pairing that we hope may provide some inspiration for your next dinner party.


Angela Brown, All Saints Estate

All Saints Estate Museum Muscat with Foie Gras

“The All Saints Estate Museum Muscat has an average age of 100 years so if it must be matched with food it deserves only the very best. The luxurious, buttery foie gras is perfect with Museum Muscat. The butteriness balances out with the sweetness of the wine. A match made in heaven!”


Colin Campbell, Campbells Wines

Campbells Classic Rutherglen Muscat with Chocolate Pudding with Caramel Sauce

“Campbells Muscats and Topaques have received international acclaim for being the world’s richest wines, which stand-alone so well, but also pair beautifully with decadent desserts. Winemaker Colin Campbell loves to pair the Classic Rutherglen Muscat with the likes of a rich Chocolate Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce.”


Stephen Chambers, Winemaker at Chambers Rosewood Vineyards

Chambers Rutherglen Muscadelle with a four cheese or herb and garlic pizza

“A food pairing that I like to have once in a while. While not a dessert, it does contain cheese. Not a classic thing but does work.”


David Morris, 5th Generation Winemaker at Morris Wines

Cellar Reserve Grand Topaque (average 15 years old) with Sticky Date Pudding with a Butterscotch Sauce

“This delicious wine matches perfectly with a sticky date pudding with a butterscotch sauce.  This old-fashioned dessert has been a family favourite for a long time and requested at many family dinners.”

Natasha Killeen, Stanton & Killeen Wines

Vintage Fortified with a strong blue cheese and oatcakes

“If you are opening an older Vintage Fortified (only Portugal can use the word Port), especially a 20 or 30 year-old-wine, then you can’t go past a strong blue cheese like a Roquefort, Gorgonzola or Stilton on delicious oatcakes. Drink within a few days of opening, although if you have friends around on the night you open it, it may not last that long!”