Georgeous – Turning events into unforgettable occasions

The team at Georgeous designed the 2012 IGA World’s Longest Lunch event styling which celebrated Victoria’s regions while bringing an intimate feel to the event – no easy feat for a lunch with 1,200 revellers!

We chat to Georgie Kay from Georgeous to find out more about their inspirations and creative processes, along with their favourite event trends and themes from the past year.

What’s been the most unusual or exciting theme you’ve brought to life at an event?
One of the most exciting and unique "theme" and brief would have been an Alice in Wonderland story at The Blackman Hotel.  We loved every minute of working with such a creative and crazy brief.

Once the Georgeous team starts working on an event, what creative processes do you go through to develop the concept and theme?
Assess the aesthetic presented to us in the brief, comparing it to the space and surrounds, all aspects available to us. We then compile moodboards to help us solidify our thoughts incorporating textures, specific furniture pieces, prints, patterns and colours, large features and special little touches. Once complete we work in floor plans to specify each element to ensure a cohesive story.

What’s been your favourite trend in the events or food space over the years?
Blogs have meant an injection of individual personality encouraging clients to have a lot of fun by personalising additional elements. This is great for us as there is always new inspiration; something different each and every time, because no two clients or their briefs are ever the same. Food Vans are also an exciting current trend; taco, burger, wiener, ice-creams. More interactive elements at special occasions are exciting!  A creative medium we love working with.

And your least favourite event trend?
Chair covers with amazing organza bows…granted this was a trend from many years ago now!

What’s always in your emergency kit once an event has started?
Tea light candles and a fire lighter, a sharpie/chalk (for signage, tags), double sided tape and a whole lot of twine!  Oh and cable ties!

The most unusual place you’ve sourced items for an event?
Thrift stores are rather handy and often have hidden gems that just need a lick of paint.  I have been known to collect from hard rubbish on occasion…hidden treasures on the side of the road!

Apart from the Festival (of course!), what has been your favourite foodie event or dinner from the last year?
We held a private corporate dinner at the incredible David Bromley space on Chapel Street; A Day On Earth.  Wow! Another favourite, although three years ago now, was an event for Jindi Cheese.  A marquee in a paddock, surrounded by cows.  Cheese cookery books, platters of cheese a'plenty, fresh fruit, felt topped hay bales as seats, cheese cloth and brown paper as the table cloths, cheese wedges a'hanging made from twigs (care of Greg Hatton), floral mastery by Cecilia Fox…I was in heaven!

Find out more about Georgie and the Georgeous team or pore over their beautiful event photos on Facebook.