Get to know your butcher

Sam Canning from Canning Butchers is part of a new food movement in Melbourne - the craft meat movement.

We spoke to him about how the nose to tail movement continues to gain momentum, and how Melbournians are discovering that quality is more than just a label.

What exactly is craft butchery?

I define it as being driven by values. For us, our values are based firmly in animal ethics. Key to every decision we make is animal welfare and sustainable farming and production processes. We find that focusing on our ethos - to have reverence and respect for the craft and materials - is reflected in the quality of the end product. From farm, all the way to the dinner plate, there's care and respect.

So who’s behind this movement?

It's being led by the indies. Independent ownership gives craft butchers the freedom to influence their entire operation and communicate openly and directly with consumers. It also includes careful selection of stock and a fastidious attention to detail. We are able to cultivate personal relationships of mutual respect with both our customers and our chosen suppliers.

Is craft butchery old-school or new school?

It’s a bit of both. We’re bringing the personal service of the neighbourhood butchers of yesteryear into a state-of-the-art modern context. This creates exciting opportunities to fuse traditional methods with contemporary culinary innovations

Everyone is selling ‘quality’. What makes a craft butcher any different?

Our passion, which breeds quality. For us at Cannings, the passion we have for animals and what we do results in great tasting food. This extends to the accompaniments and condiments to complement and elevate our meats. A craft butcher should care about creating a meaningful food experience for the customer. Not for the sake of novelty, but in terms of helping people eat well, and care about the origin of their food.

For Sam Canning, Craft Butchery is not just a philosophy, it’s a passion and a set of principles set to change the Australian the meat industry for the better.  Support local and go pay them a visit!