Giveaway: New Ceramics from R L Foote Design Studio

You might remember Ryan Foote from the House of Food and Wine in 2017 – he supplied the gorgeous flatware that showed off the menu at the Festival’s home, the revamped 1000 Pound Bend. He’s a talented guy, working across fashion, art, design, food and events.

Ryan has just launched a new website, R L Foote Design Studio, to showcase his contemporary ceramics. An online store is on its way soon too. His work is mulit-disciplined, multi-layered, and can we just say – utterly beautiful.

We caught up for a chat with Ryan to find out all about the new range.

How would you describe your job in just three words?

Artist, designer, dreamer.

What does a day-in-the-life look like in your line of work?

Each day is so different: I'm based between Melbourne and Hong Kong so some days are in the studio; some days in the ceramic workshop or in the kitchen testing things. When in Melbourne, which is where all the ceramics are handmade, I often work between 12-18 hours jumping from one head space to another depending on the project, often sketching, 3D modelling, making, cleaning up, glazing, firing, writing emails...   

Why ceramics?    

I had been doing lots of large pop up food art events, something between a pop up restaurant, installation artwork and fashion event. 

I created all the elements from the tables, chairs, the wait staffs styling, recipes along with the ceramic flatware which was very different. These ceramics pieces really resonated with people, and out of those food art events R L Foote Design Studio was created.           

What are your priorities when it comes to designing your flatware? 

There are two sides to the business both with different priorities. Sometimes it is to create something completely different to what is out there in the market, something beautiful people just want to pick up and hold or have in their home. The other side is working with chefs and interior designers to create something unique that complements the recipe/ restaurant and brings the dish to life.    


What was your approach to designing for the House of Food and Wine?

 The idea behind the House of Food and Wine ceramics was to create a range of eight plates that reflected or complemented each of the celebrity chefs’ recipes that were being used.  


Does a change in season change your design approach? Do you go for new colours/textures/glazes to enhance new seasonal food?

 The seasons do have some of a effect on my designs, for example I am designing a range of new cocktail, wine and champagne ceramic glasses at the moment with the thought of outdoor bars and getting out a bit more now that summer in on its way, but most of the time I try to design things that can be used any season.    

What can you tell us about the pieces you’re allowing us to giveaway?

The bubble platter is from a range where I have created a unique bubble glaze finish that coats both sides of the plate. This is hand applied resulting in each plate looking very different to the next. 



For your chance to win a piece of Ryan’s beautiful ceramics range, send your name and address to before October 31, 5pm. 

This competition is now closed.