Gusto! A Culinary History of Victoria Exhibition

Melbourne Food and Wine were lucky enough to have a few minutes to chat with Tracey Judd Iva, the curator of Gusto! A Culinary History of Victoria , which is currently taking place at  State Library of Victoria.

The exhibition is showcasing Australia’s multicultural food history through a collection of artefacts from Australia. We discovered the inside story on one of Tracy’s favourite items, an army biscuit which has survived from its humble beginnings in WW1 to today. Almost 100 years old, the biscuit has managed to survive a tumultuous life, being created from a simple recipe of flour and water to ensure its preservation (a reason why it is still in mint condition). Although its purpose was to ensure the health of soldiers’ teeth, the biscuit’s rock-like nature quickly saw it becoming a source of communication for the soldiers to write home on.  Tracy was excited to discover that the exhibited biscuit belonged to Lieutenant Eric Chinner, a 22 year old soldier whose remains were discovered in a recent historical dig in France.

The Gusto! exhibition is being held at the Keith Murdoch Gallery at State Library of Victoria until 28 April 2013. Admission is free. Click here to find more.

Here is a video about the meaning of Gusto, featuring Melbourne Food and Wine Festival CEO, Natalie O'Brien: What Does Gusto Mean To You?


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