How Does Our Garden Grow?

Photo: Matt Wilkinson tending to his garden

Matt Wilkinson, one of six presenters at Earth MasterClass, has already started preparations for his session ‘The Life of a Vegetable’, planting a range of vegetables and herbs at CERES Environmental Park.

Among the varieties beginning their journey from earth to plate are Black Beauty zucchini, Golden Bantam corn and Freckles Bunte lettuce.

They’re in seedling form at the moment, almost ready to be planted in the plots at CERES in December and January, before being plucked fresh from the earth for Earth MasterClass on 8 March.

At Earth MasterClass Matt will demonstrate how a number of factors – including how you ‘feed’ the soil - impact on the plant’s development and its edible outcome.

As Matt says, “Ninety per cent of the flavour comes from the root system. The people who are really looking after their soils are making tastier vegetables.”

He even likens looking after soil to looking after our own diets, with soil needing a variety of nutrients and rest to stay healthy, just like we do. 

For part of his session he’ll team up with farmer Brendan Eisner from Daylesford Organics to demonstrate the benefits of maintaining healthy soil to create the most flavoursome crops.

You’ll be able to taste the difference at Earth MasterClass when Matt prepares a vibrant dish of summer salad with zucchini and corn, smoked yoghurt, wattleseed and herb dressing.

Stay tuned for more updates on Matt’s vegetable plots at CERES in the coming months.

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