Inside the House Design

We’ve all seen Grand Designs. If you want to build your dream home then you need a team of experts to advise you. We were lucky to enlist some of our favourite local designers to help us breathe life into our new place, The House of Food & Wine presented by Sensis.

It’s been a momentous project taking over and transforming the space of 1000 £ Bend into our home for the Festival. The ‘look’ has been overseen by the House’s Creative Director, Beci Orpin. Beci is a designer and art director who has worked for the last 20 years across design, illustration, graphic design and product design. Her touch is graphic, colourful and a little whimsical. Under her watchful eye she drew all of the various elements together.

And because the devil is in the detail, here's a bit of a lowdown on the designers behind some of the beautiful things you will see, touch and feel while you’re at our House.

On the flatware – Ryan Foote

R L Foote Design Studio has created 8 styles of unique handmade porcelain plates for the bar along with a series of ceramic wall art panels and large porcelain pendant lights in their meticulous Bubble glaze. Designed specifically for The House and inspired by the interior design and colour palette of the space, and refined specifically for each dish. You’ll notice his signature bubble glaze on a few of the dishes, which continues to a series of large wall art pieces and porcelain pendants (the moulds of which are almost 1 metre high and around 50kg when full of clay).

On the interiors - Alice Oehr

Alice caught our eye from previous illustrations she’d done surrounding food. For this project, she designed a series of patterns (about 10) to be used around the venue’s surfaces - the floor, bar, and doors. The patterns are all based around food motifs and food industry graphics: chef's pants, kitchen tiles etc, using graphic design to make the space feel festive, and celebrate food culture. She describes it as “a grown-up space, not Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." 

On the Gallery – Anna Vu

An art director by trade and a zine-maker by inclination, Anna Vu first began her best-known art project, Good Food Crap Drawing, in 2011. Her chosen tools are Faber Castell connector pens and a Micron 0.4 mm felt-tip, and she shuns preparatory sketches in favour of a more immediate, one-take approach.

Anna has sketched up some of our most memorable dishes that have been plated over the Festival’s 25-year history. But that’s not all, this will be a growing gallery with Anna drawing a new dish each day from what she eats at the Festival while she's in town. Not even she knows what she’ll be drawing yet: “That's the beauty of a crap drawing, I never really know what dish I draw until I eat it,” she says.

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