Journey of a coffee bean

Guest post from Port of Melbourne Corporation

Coffee drinkers take note: the shipping containers at the Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar may have held the coffee beans you are drinking right now…

The Melbourne leg of coffee’s journey to our cups starts three kilometres outside Port Phillip Bay, as a sea pilot boards a container ship to safely steer its coffee cargo into the Port of Melbourne. 

Over $109 million worth of coffee was unloaded from container ships at the Port of Melbourne last year (that’s 580 twenty-foot containers worth).   

So port manager Port of Melbourne Corporation thought it only fitting to supply the containers for the Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar build, cutting them to fit with the help of Yarraville-based container park CC Containers

“Our love of fine coffee is growing – with a 780 per cent jump in coffee beans imported through the Port of Melbourne in the last decade alone,” said Jenny Bygrave, Community Relations Manager.

“The Port plays a vital role in delivering our everyday goods like coffee - as well as exporting Australian products to the world.”  

Handling over a third of the nation’s container trade, the Port handles cargo on behalf of a catchment of the south eastern seaboard representing around 70 per cent of Australia’s population.  That’s a lot of coffee drinkers!

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