Learn more about The Immersery - the Festival's most ambitious pop up yet

Photo: The Immersery: Festival Kitchen, Bar & Raingarden, HASSELL

The Immersery: Festival Kitchen, Bar & Raingarden is now taking shape at Queensbridge Square and promises to be Melbourne Food and Wine Festival's most ambitious and complex temporary space project to date. Spread over nine days and three levels, the build incorporates a floating barge bar anchored to the banks of the Yarra River and will regenerate the disused Sandridge Rail Bridge.

With seven of Victoria's top chefs serving up a water-inspired menu and 22 boundary-pushing bartenders from around Australia, what's on offer at The Immersery will be as impressive as the space itself.

Pick up a copy of The Age, Epicure today or head over to the Good Food website to learn more about this exciting project (including a sneak peek of the menu!).

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