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Photo: Jamsheed

By Richard Cornish

Gary Mills is one of the new breed of young winemakers who concentrate 100% on the art of winemaking and leave growing the grapes to the people who own the land.

He teams up with grape growers who practice sustainable vineyard methods and strive for low yield.  “I still have to know the vineyards and what the vines are doing,” says Mills. “Last year I drove 100 000km around Victoria seeing how check and taste the grapes,” he says.

Mills is a non-interventionist winemaker who believes the hardest thing for a winemaker to do ‘is nothing’.

His La Syrah is made from a blend of Upper Goulburn and Yarra Valley syrah made by fermenting whole bunches of grapes using yeast indigenous to his Yarra Valley winery. La Syrah is aged in large old and new oak barrels and is bottled after eight months without fining or filtering.

Guests will have the chance to try his 2013 La Syrah from his Harem collection alongside an earthy, aromatic and texturally rich dish called lechona, at Piqueos, during Slow-Roasted, Northside this month.

Lechona is a traditional Columbian heart-starter of rice, dried peas, pork and saffron stuffed inside pig skin that is roasted into a delicious, crisp case of crackling. The Syrah’s lovely bright fruit and clean acidic finish will highlight the saffron yet cut through the richness of the pork.

The Slow Roasted, Northside Crawl ‘n’ Bite, hosted by Hilary McNevin is now sold out, however you might want to check out these events instead:

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