Melbourne is set to wobble with Bompas & Parr

Long gone are the days when jelly was just a sweet luminous treat for kids, or a colourful layer in nanna’s fruit trifle. Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, the self-titled Jellymongers, embrace jelly as a dynamic material for installations that wow crowds worldwide.

Their spectacular experiences are often on an architectural scale - imagine a 14 metre self-wobbling table filled with hundreds of illuminated jellies, or perhaps glow-in-the-dark sherry jellies for a funeral jelly march.

Other sensory inventions include a 12-course Victorian breakfast (not for the calorie-counters among you), a breathable cloud of gin and tonic, scratch and sniff cinema cards and a 300-dish dessert banquet complete with elaborate sugar sculptures.

Experience the wobbly quirks of Bompas & Parr first hand in Melbourne, part of Theatre of Ideas - presented by LifeStyle FOOD.

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