MIX & MATCH - Craft your perfect MasterClass experience

The Gastronomy Guide has something to whet all appetites from hands-on cooking classes to cerebral gastronomy, from sipping rare world-class wines to taste and tipple matching.

March is the time when Melbourne’s streets fill with celebrity chefs, top-of-their game wine personalities and food-loving folk alike – uniting under the common pursuit of, well, a really good time.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Craft your Langham Melbourne MasterClass weekend with the perfect booking companion our online MasterClass Planner,  then call Ticketmaster on 136 100 to secure your place.

Mix and match MasterClass sessions and then take it to fever pitch by adding Stars of Spice – The Gala DinnerMiele Hands-On MasterClass and MasterClass Chef and Winemaker Dinners.

Here’s just a taste of what’s on offer

Theatre of Ideas presented by LifesStyle FOOD Channel will see stars including kitchen goddess Nigella Lawson and three Michelin-starred Elena Arzak casually discuss their philosophies, impart their wisdom and share some laughs along the way.

Home-grown and international chefs reveal their culinary secrets to an intimate audience at Chef MasterClass.  Taste the creations of top chefs including Margaret Xu (Yin Yang, Hong Kong),Anna Hansen (The Modern Pantry, London, UK) and Zak Pelaccio (USA).