Moving our great Aussie grains

Photo: Festival Artisan Bakery & Bar (Daniel Mahon)

Rippling fields of golden grain is an iconic Australian image – and for a very good reason. Grain is one of Australia’s leading food exports and a true success story for Australian growers.

In Melbourne, wheat, barley, rice and other grains arrive at the port by train from across south eastern Australia, packed in containers ready for shipping to the world.

Aside from the fact that Australia’s high quality grains will be evident right throughout the Festival in artisan bread, baked goods, noodles, couscous, beer, whisky and even sweets - there’s also another product coming in from the port.

Port of Melbourne Corporation has helped the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival acquire the literal building blocks of the Festival Artisan Bakery & Bar – second-hand shipping containers.

The shipping containers are the foundation of our 2015 hub, the Festival Artisan Bakery & Bar - enhanced by up-cycled timbers, 'outdoor rooms', edible gardens and plenty of baked temptation day and night.

Port of Melbourne Corporation handle around 470 containers worth of grains, flour, and packaged products like breakfast cereals every day as well as pleasing Melbourne’s foodies with imports of speciality flours and baked goods like pastries. So, who better to partner with the Festival Artisan Bakery & Bar?

Come and see how we’ve transformed shipping containers into a fully functioning bakery before it disappears in a puff of flour at the end of the Festival this weekend.


Fast and interesting facts about Melbourne’s port

Last year Melbourne's port exported to the world:

  • over 2.3 million tonnes of Australian cereal grains including wheat, barley, rice, oats
  • over 106,500 containers of Australian cereal grains including wheat, barley, rice, oats
  • 168,000 tonnes of malt
  • 14,250 tonnes of flour

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