NYC’s Loveable Ice Cream duo

It was an intriguing beginning for New York City’s iconic soft serve ice cream truck. Find out how they became an NYC dairy institution.

What started as a “fun summer job” for classical musician Douglas Quint and his friend Bryan Petroff, has turned into a bona-fide obsession for the pair. They want to reinvent soft serve ice cream as we know it.

The pair began selling their weird and wonderful variations of the classic soft serve out of a borrowed old-school ice cream truck back in 2009.

In the first two years, they only operated seasonally and quickly earnt themselves a cult-like following through the streets of NYC. 

Big Gay Ice Cream’s popularity exploded.

Trending on Twitter and Instagram with their tongue-in-cheek posts, the boys and their optimism became the hottest new flavour in NYC.

Take one Salty Pimp: A vanilla cone coated with dulce de leche, sprinkled with sea salt, and dipped in chocolate. Or their Gobbler Sundae, made with pumpkin butter, maple syrup, pie pieces and whipped cream.

Admitting that New York can sometimes be a surly place, these two lovable blokes are dedicated to bringing smiles to all of their customers faces - even when they’re under the (soft serve) pump.

These days they scatter rainbow sprinkles and wasabi dust year-round from their stores out of Manhattan’s East and West Villages and Philadelphia.

Their newly released cookbook, presented like a high school yearbook, perfectly highlights the duo’s fun and creative personalities.

Starting with their freshman year and working through to seniors and graduation, the book is peppered with hilarious “Saucy Stories” from their friends. As well as plenty of recipes for their unique flavour combinations.

The pair will be serving up some of their characteristically cheeky creations at our Urban Dairy this year, when they’re in residence 4 – 6 March, so make sure you come down and check them out!