Our favourite Winter haunts

Melbourne has a wealth of traditional pubs and cosy spots that are perfect to while away a cold evening within.

Most of these you will have heard of – and for good reason. They’re archetypal, and they always deliver.

You’ll be doing yourself a disservice not to darken their doorways this winter.

The Napier Hotel
A true local, this place has been keeping Fitzroy quenched since 1866. With seasonal beers on tap and a few Victorian ones always in the mix, you’ll be sure to find something nice and dark to brighten up your winter as enjoy the open fire. Simple, immortal, pub hospitality at its best.
Best time to go: Fridays – for a heaving, but fun, night out.

The Plough Hotel
Rescued from disrepair in 2013, this tried and true local is world famous in the west. In a lot of ways it’s the perfect local: smart not snobby, classic pub fare done well, and plenty of Victorian wine and beer on offer.
Best time to go: Sundays if you have some little ones.

This bastion of hospitality does not get enough cred in our view. Always on point, you have your choice between a plethora of beers, cocktails or a well-considered modern Thai menu. A one stop shop of goodness!
Best time to go: Straight after work and don’t leave until close.

Gin Palace
The bar that kicked off the whole laneway bar scene, with a formidable list of the world’s best gins. Martini is your go-to here, as you sit back and relax in the plush surrounds, waited on with expert table service.
Best time to go: Late, given their ‘unusual’ opening hours.

The Town Hall Hotel
An earnest and solid pub. The front bar feels a little like sitting in the rock n roll lounge of your dreams. The extensive beer garden furthers the house-party vibe, only someone else does the cooking while you enjoy the heated booths – and no clean up the next day! Perfect.
Best time to go: Low key mid-week dinner and a pint