Party Like a Pirate

Seafood-guru John Susman is planning a wild seafood feast, and is dragging to shore a whole crew of Australia’s finest fisherpeople to help him throw a pirate feast.

It will be a celebration of every element of marine life from the delicacies of caviar, to whole-hoisted tuna, and every mollusc in between. A true fin-to-tail affair honouring the bounty of Australia’s incredible seafood.

As Director of Fishtales, 20 years in the seafood industry, and author of The Australian Fish and Seafood Cookbook, you can be assured that John knows the very best in the business. Those who’ve put their lives, and their livelihoods, on the line over the years because they are drawn to a life on the sea, and have an incredible passion to grow, catch and preserve the absolute highest quality product.

It’s going to be wild, and John has enlisted three of the country’s top seafood chefs to do the prepping – Ben Williamson from Brisbane; and Sydney’s Brent Savage and Josh Niland. Their brief: to highlight the produce in its purest form. “It’s not about focusing on their three separate cuisines, but rather to champion the seafood itself. We just want to eat some delicious seafood, and have some fun.” Explains John.

Picture whole tuna hoisted up and shaved sashimi-style as you wait, served with fresh Tasmanian wasabi or salted Quandongs; pacific and rock oysters freshly shucked with ponzu, and others roasted over coals with buttermilk and seaweed; long-line Kinkawooka mussels so fresh that they're still on the rope; Skull Island Tiger Prawns (could that name get any more pirate?!) served as a new-wave prawn cocktail.

We just can’t sum up how fun this night is going to be, but John comes close:

“Not only will we be celebrating how bloody delicious and how amazing Australian seafood is, but we’re going to have all these catchers and growers that we’ve dragged off their boats, off beaches, from the ends of their rods, to come and tell their stories and the story of the catch. To me that’s of so much value.”

It’s going to be an all-in, bibs-included kind of evening. Come party in our laneway and be a pirate for the night.

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