Plant me now

Don't be deterred by the hot summer sun or wind, now is the prefect time to start growing the components you need for a delicious summer salad.

Impress your friends when you serve your dish with lovely salad leaves, freshly plucked from the earth.

The Digger's Club suggest you sow a mix of tatsoi, lime mizuma, pronto roquette, bull’s blood beet, rouge d’hiver and goldrush lettuce to harvest a delicious mix of textures, colours and flavours for your late summer salad bowl.

Chefs use the delicate flavours of microgreen mixes to add a special touch to their dishes.

Simply sow en masse in bowls and snip within 30 days - perfect for a garden our courtyard of any size. Even an inner-city balcony.

Make sure you drop by the Festival's Metlink Edible Garden at City Square in March for all you need to know about planting and harvesting you own produce. DEE-LISH!

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