Raingardens: Our future’s in the cloud

Photo: 3AW’s gardening expert, Jane Edmanson (Image: Melbourne Water)

The Immersery: Festival Kitchen, Bar & Raingarden is our hub space for 2014 and brings our theme of WATER to life with each level representing a different state of water: solid, liquid, gas. 

We’ve teamed up with Melbourne Water to showcase raingardens throughout the space to show people how simple and easy it is to capture and reuse rainwater at home.

So, what are raingardens? They’re an alternative to regular gardens and are designed to capture the run-off from your roof and use the water that would normally flow down drains.

Raingardens look just like a normal garden, but are made up of sandy layers to save and filter rainwater run-off from hard surfaces, such as roofs and roads, before it flows into rivers, creeks and finally the bay. Without these types of ‘filters’, rainwater simply runs straight into the stormwater system, polluting our rivers and creeks.

Vegetable raingardens take traditional raingardens to the next level by providing a productive kitchen garden for your home. They are self-watering, easy to maintain, and a low cost alternative to your regular veggie patch, all while helping to slow down the flow of stormwater.

A wide range of produce, and some herbs, can be grown in a vegetable raingarden and can provide tasty, home grown ingredients all year round. If you’d like more tips and advice on how to build a raingarden, come and visit The Immersery: Festival Kitchen, Bar & Raingarden.

3AW’s gardening expert, Jane Edmanson, will be on onsite at 1:00pm on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 March to provide advice on how to build one. While you’re there, why not enter the competition to win a vegetable raingarden fully installed at your home*.

The Immersery: Kitchen, Bar & Raingarden, Queensbridge Square, 28 February – 16 March

 (*Terms and Conditions apply).

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