Rethinking Asia with RestEX

Spicy, salty, sweet, sour and surprising – lunch from Asia with a Melbourne twist. These are the kitchens fusing flavours and blending traditions in Asian cuisine. 

Lucy Liu

Experience the vibrant nightlife of Asia in the eclectic, multicultural menu at Lucy Liu. Perfect for sharing, it’s better to bring everyone you know and get your hands into everything on the menu to truly indulge yourself for the afternoon.




Luxsmith represents all the best bits of Asia, from soft shell crab bao to Vietnamese goat curry to take you around Asia in one afternoon, experimenting with bold flavours from Vietnam and Thailand and putting a twist on the traditional.




Funky décor, Asian-inspired dishes and a hip laneway location all describe Gingerboy, serving up creative street food designed to be shared. With a unique approach to the food of the region, Gingerboy serves as a modern Australian take on New York’s dining culture combined with the frenzy of Asian hawker markets.



Jardin Tan

Jardin Tan explores the dynamic flavours of French Indochina in a warm and welcoming setting. With an emphasis on the history of Vietnamese culture and its influence on the emerging form of fusion cuisine, the menu represents where the very best of many cultures collide.




Merging the traditional pan-Asian ingredients with modern kitchen techniques, the menu is all about shared dining in a lively yet casual social atmosphere. With each level providing a different vibe, from the New York graffiti basement bar to a Western-Empirical style cocktail bar, Seamstress merges cultures seamlessly from design to menu.