Return to Terroir – pouring energy into your glass

A gathering of the world’s most respected biodynamic winemakers is about to descend on Melbourne, to pique the curiosity of enthusiasts and devotees far and wide for an extraordinary weekend of tastings.

Biodynamics is unlike any other form of winemaking. But before you can grasp what biodynamic wine is, you have to understand what it is not — it is not organic.

It goes far beyond abstaining from pesticides, chemicals and other nasties to take a much more holistic and microcosmic approach on the vineyard.

Biodynamic winemakers grow, nurture and harvest grapes according to lunar rhythms, the cosmos and specified 'preparations'. It might sound airy-fairy, but if the moon affects the pull of the ocean, perhaps it influences the land in unseen ways, too.

The theory is simple enough:  the success of any farming practice depends on the interrelationship of the elements: soil, plants, animals and everything in between. If this can be successfully realized, growing crops becomes a self-nourishing process, leaving artificial chemicals, such as pesticides, obsolete.

Preparations include adding teaspoons of other buried plants to the soil to benefit the final product, such as chamomile flowers in cow intestines (stabilizes plant nutrients and invigorates growth) and oak bark in farm animal skulls (inhibits disease by raising the pH level of the soil).

Return to Terroir is a select group of winemakers who represent the very best in the biodynamic wine world. Founded in 2001 by Nicolas Joly of the famed Coulée de Serrant, their collective purpose is to produce highly original and eminent wines that guarantee the full expression of the appellations from where they originate.

The processes might sound more like black magic than farming to some, but the proof—as they say—is in the glass.

Decide for yourself and book online for Saturday 28 February and Sunday 1 March.


Return to Terroir
Saturday 28 February - Sunday 1 March, 12pm - 6pm
Melbourne Town Hall
$65.00, includes Ouverture Riedel glass and tasting notes

Wine trade, register for trade tastings here.

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