Single session tickets to food and wine matching MasterClass: Perfect Match

If you love our Chef MasterClass and Wine Retreat sessions, then Perfect Match is for you - offering the best of both worlds with food and tipple tastings and deliberations.
Taste matches made in heaven and take home top tips to impress friends at your next dinner party.

Kirrily “Beer Diva” Waldorn, master brewer Eric Walters from Grand Ridge Brewery and Andrew Blake from Blake’s Feast will guide you through The Beer and Cider House Rulesshowing you taste and tipple pairs that are sure to raise a few eyebrows, but also please your palate.

You say spice and wine is a no-no? We say yes please! Chef Geoff Lindsay and wine expert Roy Moorfield prove that spice and wine are perfect companions on the dinner table at Spice and Wine. Delicate Asian flavours with an aromatic white – delicious!

Cheese and Wine are trusted favourites in the culinary world, but sometimes we need some friendly guidance (and lots of tastings) to discover the best partnerships.  Join cheese expertWill Studd (Cheese Slices), Kathleen Quealy (Quealy Wines) and cheesemaker Richard Thomas (De Bortoli) to explore these best friends.

Our Red Meat and Big Reds session will not only boost your iron levels and give you a healthy dose of antioxidants (all in the name of health, of course), but will arm you with out-of-this-world red meat and red wine combinations to convert even the strictest of tee-totalling vegetarians.  Who better to guide you than Adrian Richardson (La Luna Bistro), Sergio Carlei (Carlei Wines) and Neil Prentice (Moondarra Wine & Beef).

Perfect Match
12 - 13 March 2011
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Single session tickets $160

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