Sipping on Melbourne’s best, with new Crawl & Bite - Bars

Photo: Bad Frankie's pepperberry fizz

A long-time Festival favourite our Crawl n Bite series offers signature flavours from an eclectic selection of award-winning Melbourne restaurants.

For the first time, we’re drawing on our local knowledge to offer revellers two fun new series, Crawl 'n' Bite - Wineand Crawl 'n' Bite Bars, which showcase Melbourne’s thriving night scene.

Guided through the graffitied streets of Melbourne’s CBD and inner north, guests of Crawl 'n' Bite – Bars will discover lounges, and supper clubs,hidden behind unmarked doors.

In one night you’ll hosted at three diverse venues, and meet a group of passionate bartenders working meticulously to craft you cocktails of the highest standard.

Pepperberry Fizz cocktail recipe

To give you a taste of what to expect we’re sharing the secrets of a Melbourne-inspired tipple from mixologist Seb Costello.

Seb is a locavore in the true sense of the word, stocking more than 150 Australian made spirits at Fitzroy’s new-kid-on-the-block cocktail bar, Bad Frankie.

50ml Melbourne Gin Company Gin
30ml lemon juice
30ml pepperberry syrup*
1 egg white
Top with soda

Place all ingredients in a Boston cocktail shaker and double shake (once without ice and then again with ice).
Fill a large wine glass with ice and strain over the top.
Garnish with a lemon slice and Pepperberry grindings.

Alongside neighbouring North side bars, The Noble Experiment and Los Barbudos, Bad Frankie is part of Crawl 'n' Bite - Bars  on March 10. Tickets are still available for 6:00pm and 8:00pm.

You can also visit our website for information on Crawl 'n' Bite – Restaurants, or Crawl 'n' Bite – Wine.


* Bad Frankie recommends making your own pepperberry syrup by bringing to the boil 150g sugar, 170mls water and 30 pepperberries, and leaving on until mahogany in colour. Makes 300mls syrup. You can buy pepperberries at Gewürzhaus in the Block Arcade or through Bushtucker online.

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