Start your own kitchen garden: top tips from Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation shares their top five tips for starting your own kitchen garden:

  1. Look at the garden area you have and think about some creative ways for maximising your growing space – pots, terraces, no-dig beds, hanging baskets – the possibilities are endless. (Don’t forget you should also make sure you have easy access to your crops!)
  2. Healthy soil equals healthy plants – the best thing you can do for your garden is to plant your crops in healthy soil that contains stacks of organic matter – your plants will be more resistant to pest damage and water will get to the roots and stay there.
  3. Water – everyone in Australia needs to think about how they will manage their watering requirements, especially over the long hot summers.
  4. The old refrain – mulch, mulch and mulch some more – not only does it help keep the soil moist but it also adds to the vital organic component of your garden beds.
  5. Last but certainly not least: plant seasonal crops you actually want to eat – there is absolutely no point in harvesting mounds of vegetables you have no intention of dining on!

Try these top tips out for yourself at Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation’s Spring Graze workshop Propagating a Spring Garden on 10 September.