Stefano de Pieri on beer and food matching

Beer isn’t often the first thing that springs to mind when we think about food and beverage matching. Lucky for us though, co-owner of Mildura Brewery and champion of local produce Stefano de Pieri has some suggestions for a perfect match.

Try pairing the mellow aroma and flavours found in Mildura Brewery’s Stefano’s Pilsner with his recipe for orecchiette with Italian pork sausage and greens.

If a full bodied brew is more your style, the Mallee Bull Strong Ale is perfect with red meats or a simple Ploughman’s lunch with pickled onions.

For the sweet tooths, a marriage of stout, sugar and cream will give you a Choc Hops bavarois (recipe below); with notes of chocolate, coffee, vanilla and spiced fruit cake.

Check out our Put Victoria on Your Table video series to learn more about The Murray region from Stefano and other local producers.


Choc Hops bavarois

300ml Mildura Brewery Choc Hops
70g sugar
2 egg yolks
3 gelatin sheets – about three grams
250ml cream

Whip the cream and keep cold.
Cream the egg and sugar.
Place gelatin in cold water to soften.
Bring the Choc Hops beer to boiling temperature and pour into the creamed egg/sugar.
Put mixture back on the flame and bring to under the boil to thicken it as custard would, then incorporate the gelatin.
When cool, place a little cream in the mixture and incorporate.
Mix the liquid into the rest of the cream gently, breaking down lumps, avoiding bubbles or you’ll get air pockets.
Place in sprayed moulds and chill.

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