Straight from the source

As you wander into any given café around town it’s easy to forget that single origin, freshly roasted, and seasonal beans were not common options as little as five to ten years ago in our coffee-obsessed city. In no small way is Market Lane responsible for this.

Since their inception in 2009, co-founders Fleur Studd and Jason Scheltus have consistently raised the bar for the third-wave coffee movement.

Fleur was the first to import fresh, ethical coffee beans direct into Australia and together they have built a shared vision for transparency and quality into a thriving business.

They are respected the world over for their exacting standards, excellent staff and the best coffee growers.

Direct sourcing from small growers not only ensures that they can secure beans of the highest standards but it also means they can guarantee that independent farmers are paid a fair price for their product. Last year they even went as far as bringing one of their Guatemalan growers to Melbourne for a visit – it was his first trip overseas.

Given they’ve recently opened their fifth store, a stunning revision of early-20th-century Collins St, we thought it would be fun to delve a little into two beans that are on the menu right now.

Pavón Espresso - Produced by 20 smallholder farmers in Columbia collaborating under the name Grupo Pavón. They decided to work together to improve their coffee quality and combine their harvests. The farmers are now engaged in several long-term quality improvement projects, and they continue to go from strength to strength as is evidenced by this beautiful coffee!

Airumá –  The Borré family has owned their farm in Brazil since 1984, and they began to focus on specialty coffee in 2005. From the start, they have consulted with world-renowned experts and invested in infrastructure that enables them to control coffee quality, from planting right through to export. The farm has a dedicated quality control lab, with a specially trained team that tastes and assesses every lot of coffee produced. Incredible hard work and dedication.

City dwellers can now get their daily fix of simple, distinctive coffee sourced from the best growers in the world and roasted locally to perfection at their new Collins st store.

You’ll find no frappes or mochas on the menu here - and for good reason.