Summer strawberries, stone fruits and more

Some of our favourite summer fruit is delicious and in season right now. Our friends at IGA share some tips on how to choose the ripest mangoes, strawberries, stone-fruit and grapes. 

Victorian strawberries are delicious enjoyed on their own, on top of a pavlova or cheesecake or in a glass of sparkling wine. Serve with pancakes or pikelets for an indulgent Sunday morning brunch. Choose strawberries that are fully red, plump and firm. 

Ripe mangoes will be slightly soft to touch. Smell the mango near the stem, if it smells sour or similar to alcohol, it is likely to be overripe. For a sweet treat, mangoes are great served with vanilla yoghurt. 

When choosing stone fruit, the skin of nectarines and peaches should be smooth and never shrivelled. One of our favourite summer recipes for stone fruit is finely sliced and tossed through a salad with rocket and walnuts.

Whole watermelon can be stored in the fridge for a week. Add to a fetta salad or blend into a tasty watermelon sorbet, perfect on those hot summer days.

Looking for ‘back-to-school’ inspiration for the kids’ lunchboxes? Seedless grapes make great treats. When choosing grapes, look for plump and firm clusters that are attached to their stems. Avoid brown or brittle stems and grapes that are soft and shrivelled.

Visit the IGA Victoria website for more tips on buying fruit in season.

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