The Field Guide to Victorian Produce

The Field Guide to Victorian Produce is essential for anyone with an interest in eating local food, from passionate cooks and serious culinary tourists to locally minded consumers keen to discover and support Victoria's food producers.

Not only is it a comprehensive guide to the whole gamut of producers and farmers we're so lucky to have on our doorstep here in Victoria, but it's also a beautiful book to get lost in with stunning illustrations, maps of regional food trails and interviews with top chefs.  We think it's important to understand where our food comes from; even better if you know the name of the farmer, producer or grower who lovingly created it.

Guest post from the team at The Locavore Edition

Victorians are gradually becoming aware of the disconnect between the food they eat and the people who grow, sell and make it.  Here at The Locavore Edition, we aim to make it easy to get to know the food producers in Victoria’s regions and to put locavorism – eating local food - into practice.

The Locavore Edition was born when editor Ewan McEoin was part of the Festival of Ideas in Queensland and it became obvious that the food sector was loaded with issues of sustainability, transportation, provenance and health.  So, back in Victoria, he got to work compiling a list of food producers who were local, accessible and sustainable.  A team of interns came on board to get the project moving, keen to lend their knowledge of the food sector in exchange for some insight into the publishing industry.

We started with The Field Guide to Victorian Produce, scouring the regions for the best small and independent growers, producers and providers to profile.  We interviewed chefs and key figures in the food movement including Alla Wolf-Tasker AM, Stephanie Alexander and Dan Hunter, asking for their tips and recommendations.

Food writers Sarah Lewis and Sarah Robins wrote features detailing why we need to eat local, seasonal produce and where to find it, and a resource section helps readers discover their nearest farmers’ market, festival or food organisation.  Designer Matthew Angel’s maps, titles and illustrations pull it all together in a perfectly glove-box-sized package.

At the same time we launched The Locavore Edition website, a platform for discussion of the issues affecting the food sector.  Interviews, opinion pieces, features and profiles are regularly uploaded, delving into issues like the ethics of eating vegetables, the sustainability of seafood, the new wave of artisan produce and the effects of Australia’s supermarket duopoly on agriculture.

Professor Glenn Albrecht, Food Connect’s Robert Pekin, Amadis Lacheta of Village Well and Cory Campbell, head chef at Vue de Monde have all shared their philosophies with our readers.

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