The Global Baker starring at Festival Artisan Bakery & Bar

Photo: Dean Brettschneider

Dean Brettschneider operates under the impressive title of Global Baker, and distinctive Kiwi accent aside, it really is the only way to define him.

Few others would consider their travel essentials to include a small jam jar of sourdough culture (levain) wrapped carefully in their luggage.

This levain, based on a recipe that Dean created over 25 years ago, is an ingredient he can’t live without no matter which continent he is on. It is the base ingredient he uses to bake bread, packed full of wild yeast that bring out the famous flavours of true sourdough.

Many chefs and bakers find their following through exploring and emphasising the regionality of their cuisine. Quite uniquely, Dean has found his niche in his irregionality.

He says, “My style is simply called ‘New World Baking’ - I run global businesses and my influences are from many people, cultures, ingredients and locations, sometimes I mix them up a little and sometimes I just do them as per the country / culture of origin.”

His career, which began with an apprenticeship at 16 has grown to include multiple TV shows and 12 best-selling books.

We’re thrilled to have Dean at our 2015 hub, the Festival Artisan Bakery & Bar. He will be baker-in-residence 4and 5 March.

He is leaving Melbournians guessing as to whether he will be baking the sourdough pizza served at his new Singaporean pizza joint or his gourmet Crosstown doughnuts from London. But, regardless his creations are sure to be mouth-watering.

Dean leaves us with one final assurance: “I will be tipping baking on its head and giving the attending people something they can take away and bake at home!”

For the full line up of bakers, baristas and workshops happening at the Festival Artisan Bakery & Bar check out the roster of Daily Coffee and Goods.

Festival Artisan Bakery & Bar
Eat in and take away
Free entry
7:30am – late
27 February – 15 March 2015
Queensbridge Square

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